About Us

Our tribal roots

Coming from a tiny village in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, it has always been Wendell’s dream to bring the best of his tribal community to the rest of the world. After many years studying and working in Asia Wendell and Roberta, the founders of Asopie embarked on a mission. It all started years back when Wendell would spend hours talking about his tribal food and all things Amazonian. Raised in the Amazon rainforest in Suriname, Wendell is a member of the Maroon “Saamaka” tribe; he practices a natural and sustainable lifestyle, similar to his ancestors’ centuries-old traditions. As a proud descendent of the Amazonian tribal community Wendell then took his Italian partner Roberta on a life-changing visit to his family, deep in the Amazon jungle of Suriname. She instantly fell in love with the nature, the culture, the food and the people.

“With a love for our tribal community, the culture, the food, and a mission to share the healthy and sustainable lifestyle of the Amazon region; Asopie was born.”

The Amazon rainforest includes territories belonging to nine nations (including Suriname, Brazil and the Guianas) and is the largest and most bio-diverse rainforest on earth; home to one third of the world’s animal and plant species.

“We, the tribal people of the Amazon live mainly in small villages across the Amazon jungle as part of the many Indigenous and Maroon tribes.”

The Indigenous and Maroon people regard the Amazon rainforest as a fundamental element to their physical, cultural and spiritual existence and live in a delicate balance with their natural environment. Relying on the tropical rainforest of the Amazon for their sustainable livelihoods, the Maroon and Indigenous people have very distinct lifestyles and customs and live off some of the healthiest naturally organic food, including the Açaí berry.

“Growing up in the village, Abenaston, in the upper-Suriname river, we had our own plantation growing a variaty of fruits and vegetables, whilst a significant part was wild-harvested. From a very young age I was taught by my grandfather the medicinal purposes of the plants around our region; a traditional way to pass on ancient knowledge and practices”.

Asopie finds its roots deep in the Amazon jungle where we work with local and tribal communities to harvest and produce fresh authentic Amazonian natural foods.

“My grandfather, Asopie, was a very loved and well-respected elder in our tribal village; I remember he would get up early in the morning and walk around the village to greet everyone before heading to the plantations.”

Based in Hong Kong, and with a direct operation in our home region in the Amazon, it is our hope to spread this healthy and sustainable Amazonian lifestyle.

Authentic & Healthy

Asopie is on a mission to promote a natural and healthy lifestyle around the world, based on traditional Amazonian practices. Offering some of the best natural and healthy produce from the Amazon, Asopie’s commitment to quality and authenticity is the driving force behind our mission and vision. Combining our ancestors century-long knowledge with a state of the art production Asopie provides premium, healthy and delicous natural food products that are authentic, sustainably sourced, wild-harvested and organic, additives-free and non-GMO.

All our products are known for their health benefits and deliciousness and to guarantee their freshness, nutrient-rich and premium quality, we offer our pulps frozen. Our healthy selection of super fruits includes organic Açaí pulp, Graviola pulp (Soursop), Cupuaçu pulp, Cajá pulp and Acerola pulp. Learn more about Asopie Amazonian super fruit pulps, Asopie doorstep delivery and the Asopie Super Box monthly subscription. 

Wendell and Roberta, the founders of Asopie in the Amazon
Tribal man in a boot on a river in the Amazon.
The Amazon Jungle, origin of Asopie
Founder of Asopie and his Mom in their village

Fairtrade & sustainability

As a socially responsible brand, we work with local and tribal farmers in the Amazon to hand pick and produce the freshest products. Being part of the Amazonian community ourselves, we recognize the importance of creating opportunities within our community.

One of our mission is to create a cooperative system with farming and tribal communities, and provide a platform for natural and healthy products from the region; a platform that will help connect this sustainable lifestyle of the tribal community in the Amazon with the world.

We stand for a natural and healthy lifestyle that benefits people and the environment.

We are committed to work with like-minded people, organizations and businesses to promote health and wellbeing, sustainability and fair practices. 

It’s our small way of helping to make the world a better place.  If you share this mission, we want to be friends!  Please get in touch.