Acerola Tropical Bowl

Acerola Tropical Bowl

about this recipe

The Acerola is hands down the go to superfruit for a high-dose of natural vitamin C. This delicious Acerola bowl is a tropical sunshine, and is rich in fiber, vitamines and minerals. The recipe is easy to follow and is a blend of Asopie Acerola pulp with frozen mango, banana and strawberry, topped with fruits and seeds. This natural energy booster is perfect for any time of the day.


  • 1 scoop (100g-200g) of Asopie Acerola Pulp
  • 1 (or 2) Frozen Banana 
  • 1/2 Mango (Frozen)
  • 50g Strawberries (Frozen)
  • Toppings: Strawberries, Blue berries, Mango, Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds.

how to make it    

This energy boosting Acerola tropical bowl recipe is very straight forward. 

  1. Partially defrost the Asopie frozen Acerola Pulp until it’s scoopable.
  2. Combine a scoop (100g – 200g) of Asopie Cajá pulp, the frozen banana, mango and strawberries in a blender.
  3. Blend untill smooth and pour into a bowl or Tub.
  4. Top with strawberries, blue berries, mango, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and enjoy. The ingredients listed in this recipe are for 2 to 3 servings; please feel free to adjust it to your preference and portion size. See the videos below for instructions.


The Acerola (Malpighia Emarginata) also known as Suriname Cherry and Barbados Cherry is the fruit with the second highest vitamin C content in the world. The vitamin C produced by the Acerola fruit is better absorbed by humans than the synthetic one found in supplements. This superfruit is also known for boosing the immune system, improving teeth and gum, and protecting the skin against premature ageing. Mope or Taperebá is an traditional Amazonian superfood. Packaged frozen in tubs, and without any additives, Asopie Acerola pulp pure and authentic.

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