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Asopie Pure Acerola Pulp (400g)

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  • Authentic Acerola fruit pulp straight from the heart of the Amazon rainforest
  • Premium | Pure| Naturally Organic | Additive-Free | Unsweetened | Non-GMO | 100% Natural | Pasteurized | Sustainably Sourced.
  • Ingredients: Pure Acerola fruit pulp.

The Acerola Fruit

Acerola (Malpighia Emarginata) is a scrub or miniature tree that is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. Although the Acerola plant is unrelated to cherry, it produces small juicy red fruits that look very similar to a regular cherry, but with a distinct sour flavour due to the high vitamin C content.
Commonly referred to as Suriname cherry, West Indies cherry, Barbados cherry or simply Acerola, this tiny cherry-like fruit of roughly 2 cm.

The Benefits of Acerola…

Acerola’s popularity is mostly due to its high content of vitamin C, it is the fruit with the second highest known content of vitamin C in the world, topped only by the Camu Camu fruit.

  • The Acerola pulp is the perfect natural source of vitamin C to supplement the body. The vitamin C produced by the Acerola fruit is better absorbed by humans than the synthetic one found in supplements. it is a great immunity booster. 
  • Acerola also contains high levels of vitamin A and B, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. This Amazing fruit is a rich source of antioxidants.
  • This super fruit is traditionally used in the Amazon region to prevent and treat frequent colds and to improve endurance.
  • Athletes use Acerola for improving physical endurance and strength and to ease pain.

How to prepare…

In the Amazon region, where the acerola fruit is widely known, the ripened Acerola fruits are commonly consumed raw or used to produce juices and jams. Being a very delicate and sensitive fruit, the Acerola fruit ferments really fast, if stored in a warm environment. The best way to preserve the quality, healthy properties, the original aroma, flavor and color of this superfruit for a long time is by freezing its pulp.

Asopie Pure Acerola Pulp is a frozen product and can be stored frozen for over 12 months. To consume; partially thaw the pulp in the refrigerator or by placing the tub in cool water until a softness is reached (about 20 minutes). Once thawed, please keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.

How to eat…

Traditionally Acerola is consumed as a fresh fruit, just like a regular cherry, and used to make jams, jellie, juices, alohol, salsas and desserts. The partially thawed Acerola pulp can be consumed pure straight off the tub or mixed with sweetener to preference; or as ingredient for juice, smoothies, bowls, jams, ice creams, sauces and dressings

The Asopie Pure Acerola pulp is the smooth and thick edible part of the Acerola fruits, without the seeds.

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