Asopie Superbox


Would your rather customise your SuperBox? Subscribe and recieve a monthly customised box DELIVERED for $525? Sign up below!


  • 1 set of Asopie SuperBox.
  • The first Superbox delivery is standard and contains 1 tub of each of Asopie Superfruit.
    (Açaí pulp, Graviola (Soursop) pulp, Cajá pulp, Acerola pulp, Cupuaçu pulp) 5 x 400g Tub (2kg)
  • Delivery Locations: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon & New Territories. For outlying island orders, drop-off (exchanges) can be arranged from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or NT. *Delivery fee HK$ 60, self-pick up can be arranged!
  • For wholesale, or delivery outside HK, please contact us directly

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How the monthly subscription works!

Asopie Super Box: a customized super food box with healthy, fresh and authentic Amazonian natural food products from Asopie’s super fruit pulps collection, among which Asopie Açaí pulp; Asopie Graviola pulp (Soursop); Asopie Cupuaçu pulp; Asopie Cajá pulp and Asopie Acerola pulp. After sign up, your first Superbox will contain a pre-selection (standard) from all of Asopie frozen superfruit pulps, 1 tub of each superfruit. 5 x 400g Tub (2kg).

Mix & Match: Customize and Build Your Own Box.

After your first Asopie Super Box, each month you will get to customize your own box with a selection from your favorite Asopie frozen super fruit pulps. *Pick monthly, from a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 superfruits. *Mix and Match your pick to customize your Superbox.

*Subscription package: 4 box deliveries. (One box each month). *Monthly delivery box content: 5 x 400g tub (2kg)

Monthly Doorstep Delivery!

Receive monthly deliveries of Asopie authentic and premium Amazonian organic natural foods. *One single payment (pre-payment after signup confirmation) with delivery on every first Wednesday of each month.

*Delivery cost is HK$ 50 per delivery; self-pick up can be arranged!

All for $525/month! Simply sign up via the form below and we will be in touch